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Employee Self Wellness Check

Employee Screening

Virtual daily wellness checks are suspended.

Staff must perform a self-assessment prior to shift. Symptom checklists will be available at time clocks and facility entrances.

If you have upper respiratory symptoms:

  • Do a home COVID test.
    If positive, do not come into work, notify the Employee Health COVID line - 540-536-7781 and work from home if that is a viable option
  • If temperature is more than 100.4 F, do not work regardless of test result and contact Employee Health COVID line- 540-536-7781
  • If you have no fever and you’re negative for COVID based on your at-home test, you may work with a mask.
  • MUST mask at all times for 10 days from onset of symptoms.
  • 100% in patient and non-patient care areas
  • Care taken re: potential exposure in breaks/eating
  • May remove mask after 10 days if symptoms improving

NEW~ Home COVID tests will no longer require PCR confirmation.

Tests also available at all Employee Health locations.